Enjoy your special day with a piece of mind. We’ll guarantee the best value for money, artistic photography whilst enjoying your day!

Studio Sessions

In our studio located in the heart of Mosta, we can offer all kinds of Studio Sessions for your needs. ( ie Portraiture, Family, Children, Still life, etc…)


Why not re-live those precious moments? We can offer a professional videographer to cater your needs with competitive prices!

Photographic Coverage

Treasure those family moments including parties, baptisms, anniversaries , engagements and much more!

Logo Design & Branding

Thinking of re-branding your company’s logo? Or require some artwork? Look no further.

Passports & ID Photos

We cater for all kinds of Passports, ID Card Photos and also Visa!

Other Services

  • Interior decor – Artistic Malta images
  • Photo Restoration
  • Holy Communion & Confirmations
  • Digital Photographic services
  • Business Reports & Executive portraiture
  • Printing of artistic images on canvas
  • Print to Print Reproductions
  • Colouring of BW Photographs
  • Photo effects eg. BW, Sepia, Spot Colour, artistic effects, etc…
  • Wedding Photography
  • Studio Portraiture ( Family, Couples, Graduations, etc…)
  • PR Coverages
  • Photo Model Portfolios
  • Videography services for social events
  • Lamination of Prints, secured on foamboard, PVC, etc
  • Printing of Posters/ Adverts in limited small quantities
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Gadgets – Printing of images on ceramic plates,mugs, keychains, etc…
  • Malta Image Bank
  • Commercial Photography
  • Data Retrieval ( from memory cards, hardisks, etc..)
  • Transfering of data on DVD
  • Transfering of super 8mm movies on DVD’s, etc…
  • Copying of DVD to DVD copies
  • Web Design
  • Commercial photography
  • Poster & Billboard Design
  • Artwork
  • Aerial Views of the Maltese Islands
  • Design of Adverts for online use, etc…
  • Fine Arts
  • Frames
  • Albums
  • Images/ Prints for Exhibitions