‘Common questions’ that the prospective bride and groom ask their photographer.

The following are some typical questions that the potential bride and groom would ask the first time they meet their prospective wedding photographer:

Our wedding dates are so and so… are you available?
Do you offer video/filming services?
Our wedding mass would start at 5 pm, what time do you come to the groom and bridal residencies?
Do you charge overtime for your wedding photography? What are your overtime rates?
We would like to have the photojournalistic style of photos during our wedding? How do you go about it?
Do you produce wedding photos on a pen-drive/ USB? How many photos your photographer would take during a typical Maltese wedding?
We have a civil wedding; The ceremony/ wedding vows formalities would last about twenty minutes. Do we take the group photos after the ceremony?
We are planning a‘destination wedding’ in sunny Malta. Do you recommend any specific location for our wedding photography, poses and family photos?


What packages are you offering for our wedding photography?
Do you offer aerial drone filming? Which stages of the wedding process are filmed?
How many photos are taken during a typical Maltese wedding, that includes the residencies, church and reception venue?
We are planning an after-party, following the official wedding reception; Do you offer photography and video filming during the after-party?
Following our wedding day, what is the process that we would have to go through before having our wedding album/book?
How long does it take to have the group/ family photos done during the wedding?
Do we have the pre-wedding, wedding photos on a CD?
Do you offer the photo frame at the entrance of the wedding venue? Which medium would you recommend? Acrylic material, canvas or something else? What is the timeframe stipulated in your wedding photography package?
Do you offer the ‘customized printed guestbook’ containing our pre-wedding photos?


When do you recommend to do our pre-wedding session?

Is it a problem for you being our official wedding photographer if we hire our own videographer?

As regards wedding day, do you recommend that we should go somewhere in particular just after the wedding mass to have our portraits taken? Are we joined by the bridal party or just us the bride and the groom? …Or perhaps you might want the bridesmaids, maid of honour, the flower girl and the page boy joining us too? How about the ushers and the best man?

What time you would come to the grooms and bridal residence on wedding day?


How about the filming (videography) during the dancing at the wedding venue?

Coming to the ‘parking spaces’ near the church just before the wedding mass, also at the reception venue? How many car spaces do you require?

If we are to proceed with this wedding package, being our wedding photographer, what are the terms of this contract in terms of payments?

How long does it take you to take the formalities in the group photos, if we had to commission you as our wedding photographer?


As a wedding photographer, does it make any substantial difference if the wedding venue is situated in the south or north of Malta?

How long does it take to have the wedding album/book ready to be collected following wedding day? How about the wedding video?

We are planning to have three bridal cars, a Cadillac, Princess and a limo. Would you need a lot of time to take some pictures of the bridal party near the cars?

Following the wedding reception, how much does it cost extra if you are required to stay for the first hour at the after-party?


On our big day, we intend to visit our ‘Grandma’ for approximately twenty minutes just after the wedding mass. She is in a home and consequently cannot be with us during the reception. We would like to have a photographer with us at the home. What do you recommend?

On the wedding day, we would like to have the photographer available at the bridal residence to take some shots whilst the bride is still getting prepared, that is before she puts on the bridal gown. how about the timeframe in this respect?

Further to the photography and video, coming to the package itself, what are the rates if we might need to add some additional pages in our digital book?

In case that the weather would be unpredictable to go on location for the pre-wedding, is your studio available for some portraiture?

Coming to the wedding photos. Are we allowed to do the shortlisting of our favourite photos ourselves for the wedding album.. or perhaps this is done by yourself being our wedding photographer?

Referring to our wedding book or the digital book as many prefer to call it, how many photos are normally included in the final album? How many black & white photos are included in the book?

We would love to have the ‘customized guestbook’ at the wedding venue. Apart from the pre-wedding photos, can we add some other from our personal collection of photos?