In this day and age, the security parameters associated with documentation related to photo identification are a big and sensitive issue. One must, therefore, ensure that when in need of a passport-type identity photo one should visit the proper and competent professionals, namely an appropriate photo studio.

When dealing with passport, visa, or license photos many rigid rules are applicable. These must be rigidly observed by the professional photographer handling the technical production of such photos. One must always keep in mind that the authorities concerned, namely the recipients of such photos are fully equipped and with Biometric Capture Stations containing the latest technology installed.

Although the public consistently refers to these identification photos as “passport photos”, it does not in any way means that the specifications of such photos are all the same. The photos being used for a passport here in Malta may not necessarily carry the same dimensions or format as those of other countries. The general requirements when the photographer is posing an individual in front of a plain background are mainly the same however the size and format of the printed photo may vary substantially. This is the job for a professional, not simply the ‘enthusiastic amateur’ or an outlet selling haberdashery seeking the opportunity to earn some extra money. A fully equipped photo studio is the place to go. Consequently, it is strongly recommended that one must ensure that the photos presented at any the passport office or embassies, consulates or other entities are in conformity with the specifications requested by the authorities concerned unless one would of course risk being hassled by wasting precious time. If the photographs that one may present are not up to the required specifications, it is likely that they would be rejected and the application will be considered incomplete.

Moreover, we would like to inform our readers that our studio, based at 198 Eucharistic Congress Road in Mosta, is always available for any consultation and provision of instant identification photos, mainly referring to passport, visa, and other photographic services. Moreover, we may be in a position to recommend our nearby professionals that can also certify that such photos are the ‘true identity of the person’ concerned. For information, our studio is situated just a three-minute walk from the major landmark, namely the famous big rotunda St Mary’s Basilica. In other words, one may walk out of the Basilica’s main door, in the direction of the main road directly in front of it, keeping on the left-hand side up that road.

The studio is associated with portraiture directly related to the documentation of facial identification and recognition. We follow the instructions that are dictated by “Identity Malta”, Embassies and Consulates. Moreover, all photo studios associated with passport photography must conform with the GDPR requirements protecting the client’s rights in this respect of data protection.



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