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In this day and age, the art of photography has become accessible to the general public at a relatively cheaper price tag than it used to be twenty years ago.

This is indeed a step forward and good news for all society. The common people and that includes kids, can take a relatively good photo with minimal effort. Many are also in control of some basic tools to edit and correct a photo! I am referring to cropping, contrast or colour saturation of any photo. Eventually, that very same photo might be posted on social media. Almost instantly the individual concerned will start to enjoy the comments from their friends and relatives! Perhaps the cousins living in Melbourne will post his comments about that photo and possibly share it again with his friends! This whole process could be done within minutes by a smart ten-year-old, Such technology was unthinkable just two decades ago that such a process could be done from a mobile phone. This is the beauty of technology. And by the way, as we speak, it is still evolving at a fast pace.


On the other hand, it is only natural that one would start to think that he can tackle any job or assignment like a pro within a few months, not to say weeks. If this same person or emerging ‘professional’ photographer would visit a studio asking for a quote, he would start to think that he is being overcharged by that studio! The difference between a professional photo produced by a true professional photographer and an enthusiastic amateur is pretty evident for all to see. The execution of a photographic coverage by a pro simply speaks for itself too. the speed and the experience would bear fruit.

The problem would be that you come across situations where the enthusiastic amateur photographer would present professional corporate identity to the extent that the customer would become convinced that the end result is also at par with such corporate identity. The saying goes that ultimately, the pudding is in the eating, meaning that the result of the true professional is so substantially superior from that of the enthusiastic amateur. We are not in any way saying that the beginner would never be given a chance, since all professionals were amateurs at some stage in their careers, but on the other hand the amateur would need to follow the right path and process and should move step after step to get up through the so-called ladder of becoming a professional. There are occasional cases that even the amateur would shine in certain areas of his photography. Those would be the signals of his potential to move forward. With the right support and opportunity, the time would definitely come for that enthusiast to become successful while gradually becoming more and more eligible to earn the status of a proper professional photographer.

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One would, therefore, ask, how can you identify a pro? To answer this question one would first need to establish the right category or specialization from the diversity of photography before the selection of the proper pro photographer. A glance at the type of equipment system might give an immediate indication. A proper professional would be able to provide his clients, not just the digital images on a pen-drive but the full complete design on a digital and artistic album too.

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There are many professional categories in the art of photography. To mention a few, the following are different categories of photography such as local weddings, destination weddings, studio, commercial, photojournalism, passport or photo identification photography, aerial photographers, stock libraries, PR, fine art, studio portraiture and the rest.

These are all specializations or areas in photography that would need to be identified before commissioning a professional photographer. The consumer or the client would need to decide on which specific type of job they are hiring a photographer. If he is required for photographic coverage of a typical Maltese wedding hosting hundreds of guests that would be one story; Of he is required for a small ‘destination wedding’ hosting just fifteen visitors that would be a different story. Once again, yes, in both cases they are both referred to as wedding photographers, but there is a big difference between the two categories and how they are to be handled by the photographer in terms of pressure during the job.

Are you just after an edited CD (or pen drive) containing all the images recorded by the photographer in high resolution, or perhaps you intend to produce a wedding album in due course? Once again the difference here is substantial including the price factor and of course the ability or competence of the photographer in graphic design too. When hiring a pro, one should always keep in mind that not all photographers are able to produce, design and complete a digital album. In reality, only a small fraction of all the so-called ‘professional’ photographers are really ‘complete’ and therefore competent in the area of album design.


Once you establish the type of professional and expertise that one maybe after, you may have a look online to check the portfolio, reviews, style, qualifications, price factor, efficiency, delivery and the rest. The word of mouth coming from a person of integrity remains the best of all recommendations. One may be after a studio portrait, a graduation photoshoot may be on location or at a photo studio, It could be a destination wedding or maybe a local wedding. It could also be a photographic coverage of a social event or a conference. It could also be a straight forward passport photo instead.

Once you secured a good overview of that photo studio or a photographer together with its reputation one may then approach the prospective candidate or the selected pro photographer to discuss matters in more detail. The most important thing is the end result that is the caliber of the photo such as composition, lighting, artistic style, creativity, presentation colour punch, etc.

Just like the trends abroad, Malta and Gozo are not an exception. We regularly come across situations where a customer ended up hugely disappointed because he assigned amateur thinking that he was commissioning a professional! We are living in a word that many enthusiasts in many areas are posing as professionals hoping to earn some extra cash. One should, therefore, be very cautious before the selection of his photographer. This is also applicable in many other professional areas just the same.

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Your wedding day will of course be unique….

            and so too should your wedding album!!

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Gino Galea Photo Artist’ studio is a powerful symbol of local photographic art !  They can do more than just document the events on your wedding day !    This family run studio is directed by Gino Galea ARPS AMPA LBIPP ASWPP AMPS AMIPP DipPP, being a Master Photographer himself, who knows well his profession for he can capture the spirits of your friends and loved ones. He is closely supported by his daughter Alison Galea Valletta B.Sc. I.T. (Hons) LSWPP LMIPP ,

who is an IT graduate and a qualified pro photographer from the ‘Society of  Wedding  Photographers of UK’,  with exceptional artistic flair in wedding photography.  

They say that ‘a photo is worth a thousand words’ …So, who else can record your life time occasion if not the award winning photography of Gino Galea Photo Artist  whose photos are of course ‘priceless’ and ‘ timeless’  at the same time !  This is a unique combination of artistic talent, experience, technical ability AND the powerful image editing tools, thanks  to the potential of this unique studio based very close to the world famous, Mosta dome.

Beautiful wedding photographs are very special moments in life, carefully preserved in striking prints. Your wedding photography can be formal and elegant, candid or a wonderful combination that is uniquely YOU! Black and white, colour, sepia or digital images can all play a part in remembering your wedding day and its affection.

Your flowers, gown and colour choices will all be preserved in time, along with the faces of those who meant the most to you on your special day. 

Today’s couples want to enjoy their day with as little interference as possible, and they certainly don’t want to be lined up for what seems like
long wasted hours whilst the photographer grinds through the same old tiring poses and forced smiles.   Above all they do not wish to have their wedding spoilt by a photographer who dominates THEIR day.Yes of course there has to be a few very essential family pictures, together with those few magical poses that makes all the difference but these can be taken quickly and effortlessly thanks to the vast experience of this team of photographers.   The rest will have a relaxed, reportage, casual and a spontaneous feel.

Gino Galea Photo Artist  are the right people for the job.. they DO know the right balance to ensure that the newly weds enjoy their day to the full !     One should  keep in mind that despite all those tiring preparations…the moment you step out for your honeymoon your wedding day turns out to be just history. The only real thing that will make you re-live your wedding day is that exquisite lifetime digital photo album  and probably that unique video/DVD !   

Why The photo artist ?  Like all other things in life, a photograph can be simply a memory or something special, which rises above all others !  Gino Galea did not want to be like the rest, so being an artist himself, he went on to the artistic side of photography making his work stand out above the rest at highly competitive and decent rates!  To further enhance the difference from other entities Gino chose the photo artist as the official logo. This embodies all that Gino Galea Photo Artist’ stands for Artistry, Creativity, Quality, and Style. 

When the moment is yours, cherish the memories forever with the camera artistry of Gino Galea..the Photo Artist’

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‘Your wedding day will of course be unique…  and so too should your wedding album